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Why Caregivers?
Children need caregivers for varied reasons. Some have short term caregivers while their parents complete drug or alcohol treatment or cope with a lengthy illness or jail time, whereas other children have long term caregivers because their parents are deceased, deported, homeless. Custody issues can fall into either short term or long term caregiving situations. Family members who step in to care for children are called Relative or Kinship Caregivers.

Types of Caregivers – This link is a brief description on the types of caregivers (Relative or Kinship may be any one of these.)

Informal Caregivers

Probate Court Legal Guardians

Foster Caregivers

Adoptive Parents

What are the legal differences?

What benefits are available? Part 1Part 2

Resources for all caregivers

Birth Parents

Foster Parents

Adoptive Parents

Additional Info:

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