Providing a community of support and guidance to families caring for substance and trauma exposed children

Making A Difference Association (MADA) is focused on improving life (both now and long term) for families caring for children who are trauma and/or substance exposed. Founded in 2006, we work to improve ─ and ultimately prevent the need for ─ foster care in the Inland Empire. As champions for change, we are committed to utilizing our Pay it Forward Model to preserve permanent family relationships. This happens by strengthening social supports through peer and community partnerships, volunteerism and education.

MADA’s Pay it Forward Model

Paying it Forward is based on a single premise: If a good deed has been done for you, do one in return for someone else. It allows each individual the opportunity to receive something they need (such as job experience or professional services) by giving back to the community either in time (volunteering), talent (expertise) or treasure (donations).